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It’s not just housekeeping that is time-consuming in short-term rental management.

It is essential to dedicate time to meeting the needs of your guests so as not to leave them feeling neglected.

However, this requires time and constant availability to satisfy customer requests. If you have problems managing time and concentration, respond just a few messages can easily overwhelm.

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You want to bring the best experience to your customers and it's all in your interest. And to help you save time, you have already set up automated messaging to send messages to your travelers. But it happens that this functionality does not quite meet their expectations... At worst, the responses can even be left cold due to a lack of human intervention.

Thanks to Albert®, you will no longer have to worry about satisfaction of your customers . Their requests will be handled on time with friendliness and professionalism.

The essentials to automate your short-term rental REALLY 100%!

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